Our Brands


Dynamic Positioning System

Aqua Marine Automation offers a wide range of dynamic positioning systems that are designed for various purposes like offshore loading, drilling, cable laying etc.

Engine Control & Alarm

We supply and install the best possible engine control systems. The company provides spare parts, custom panel design and also provides direct technical assistance through our technical support

We can supply to any port across the world.

We have best Engineers to understand your need and fulfill with your requirement.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible equipments and machines so as to ultimately fulfill their demands.


Our vision is to provide our customers with genuine, quality products and services and help them achieve their goals, thereby forming a formidable work relationship with them. We want to set high standards at a global level through our ruthless and immense work rate.


Being in a labour industry, we strive to provide our employees the best environment at work and refrain from deceiving our clients with bad quality products or services.

What we Are Or Why Choose Us?

“Choose us” because we love providing you our services!

Our company genuinely believes in providing the best possible quality, at Aqua Marine Automation our customers are provided with products that are genuine and have unmatchable excellence.

Another thing that our company strongly believes in is providing efficient services to our client. Our employees work hammers and tongs to meet the demands of the clients and they are available to their disposal to solve all of their problems. The company ensures their clients of providing proper after sales services and of actively responding to their complaints.

We would like to ensure our clients that our products are not only genuine but also cost effective and on top of that Aqua Marine Automation is proud to notify that you can be avail our new 24x7 service which allows you to call one of our best engineers at any port across the globe to aid your vessel.