Marine Hydraulic System


We as Aqua Marine Automation supplies many parts for Marine Hydraulics and We are believing in supplying most trusted brands in the industry. REXROTH which is also known as BOSCH REXROTH is one of them. Below is the specialty of BOSCH REXROTH Products.

Why We should trust on BOSCH REXROTH’S Products ?

What are the benefits of using BOSCH REXROTH’S Products ?

How much varieties and models in BOSCH REXROTH’S Products ?

Specialties of BOSCH REXROTH’S Products

  • More than 50 Years in Industry.
  • Supply varieties of Marine Hydraulic Products like Gears, Motors, Pumps, Power Units, Large Hydraulic Cylinder, Valves, Control Blocks.
  • Quick Spare Parts and Repair available.
  • Robust pump with long service life.
  • Large Variety in Different Sizes.
  • Products can be operated by Mobile Applications.
  • Swash Plate and Bent Axis Design.
  • Worldwide Smooth & Quick supply.
  • Quick customer respond and services after sale.
  • More Durable and Reliable Pumps and Motors Operation.
  • Lifelong smooth functioning & support.
  • Strong Pressure Control System.
  • Changing any Hydraulic Unit in the field is much easy.
  • Wide range of Products & Models.

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Axial Piston Pump

New Directional Valve